Scientific thinking in modern education

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Scientific thinking in modern education

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By developing scientific thinking and speech, hands-on activities allow students to test their knowledge, develop their skills in applying
to solve applied tasks and act as a means of
feedback. At the junior level, practical classes are held every 2-3 lectures and logically continue the work started at the lecture.
The plan of practical classes corresponds to the general ideas and
the general ideas and focus of the lecture course and is correlated with them in the
the sequence of the topics. It is common for all teachers.
lecturers and is discussed at the department meeting.
It is recommended that the lecturing professor
or associate professor should himself or herself teach at least one class and have assistants coordinate the theoretical and practical parts of the course. Between
between the lecture and the practical part of the course, students are expected to work independently and preparation for practical exercises
with the use of appropriate methodological
The structure of practical classes is basically the same:
- introduction of the teacher, in which he briefly
reminds of the main theoretical points connected with the forthcoming practical work, formulates
formulates the aims of the work;
- answers to students' questions on unclear material;
- planned practical work;
- concluding speech of the teacher.
The variety of classes follows from the practical part proper. These can be discussions of essays,
discussions, problem solving, reports, training exercises, observations, experiments.
exercises, observations, experiments.
A practical lesson should not be "trampling on
a practical class should not "trample on things. If students realize that all its learning
possibilities are exhausted, the level of motivation will drop sharply. Proceeding from this, it is necessary to organize practical classes so that students constantly feel
increasing complexity of the tasks, feel positive emotions from the use of and not go into the experience of their own
success in learning, were engaged in intensive creative
and searching for correct and accurate solutions. An individual approach and
productive pedagogical communication. In the practical
the students are given the opportunity to have a closer
communication with the teacher. He should use this
to allow each student to discover and manifest
their abilities, their personal potential. That is why
when developing assignments and a lesson plan, the instructor
the level of training and interests of each student in the group, acting as a consultant and not
suppressing students' independence and initiative

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